Department of Diabetes & Cancer Metabolism

Founded in 2020, the Department of Diabetes & Cancer Metabolism at City of Hope is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. Pursuing cutting-edge science to improve the human condition, we focus on diabesity and cancer as constellations of disease that dysregulate the allocation of resources and that can be better diagnosed and treated through analysis of metabolism.

City of Hope is the ideal home for our department, with its international reputation as a leader in research and care for cancer and diabetes. Accordingly, our work connects investigations in the Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Arthur Riggs Diabetes & Metabolism Research Institute. Driven to turn laboratory discoveries into solutions that will benefit patients, we collaborate with colleagues in the City of Hope National Medical Center on clinical research.
Our department is located on the newly remodeled second floor of the Fox North building on City of Hope’s Duarte campus, close to state-of-the-art shared resources. We mentor the next generation of innovative biomedical investigators by participating in the Irell & Manella Graduate School of Biological Sciences and the Postdoctoral Training Office.

Diabetes & Cancer Metabolism Labs

To learn more, please visit our lab sites and feel free to get in touch with our faculty:

Charles Brenner Lab

NAD coenzymes, the central catalysts of metabolism, are frequently disturbed in maligancies, infection, inflammation, diabesity, degenerative and developmental processes. We dissect these disturbances to develop tools to improve human health.

Yingfeng Deng Lab

The Deng Lab seeks to reveal the molecular mechanisms that control the process by which the body gets usable energy from sugars in food — and especially how that process is altered in obesity.

Sarah Shuck Lab

The Sarah Shuck Lab is investigating the biochemistry involved when excess sugar damages important molecules such as proteins and DNA.

Zhao Wang Lab

Research in the Zhao Wang Lab centers on cardiovascular disease, a condition that is not fully understood despite being the leading cause of death worldwide, including among diabetes and hypertension patients.

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