Steven Gordon and Briskin Family Innovation Grant Program

The next breakthrough could come from anywhere.

City of Hope is blessed with a broad and diverse community of scientists, researchers and clinicians whose energy, creativity and skills reach across multiple disciplines. This makes us a unique incubator of innovation.


Our people are constantly thinking about better ways to beat cancer, and they share those ideas with each other as well as the broader national and international scientific community.

The Steven Gordon and Briskin Family Innovation Grant Program helps turn those ideas into reality.  Each year, the Scientific Advisory Board of the Briskin Center reviews for potential support projects to receive funding through this important program.

It fills a critical gap in the myeloma research funding chain, enabling these professionals — especially younger clinicians and scientists within the field — to test unconventional, out-of-the-box theories at their earliest stages, even before sufficient data is collected to qualify for government and private grant support.

This is how, for example, a talented postdoctoral fellow studying lung cancer might come up with a novel approach, consult with a junior faculty instructor examining leukemia, adapt the work to multiple myeloma and get the project off the ground.

The Steven Gordon and Briskin Family Innovation Grant Program encourages scientists to be bold, to engage widely and to brainstorm strategies that might otherwise never come to life. They will initiate a new generation of clinical trials and greatly expand basic research into the mechanics of multiple myeloma and drug resistance.


Past recipients

Yuan Chen, Ph.D.: Targeting c-Myc and Proteasome Inhibitor Resistance in Multiple Myeloma

Sophia Wang, Ph.D.: Disentangling the Role of Obesity, Diabetes and Metformin Use on Multiple Myeloma Risk and Survival