Alpha Stem Cell Clinic

The mission of the City of Hope Alpha Stem Cell Clinic, part of the CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinic Network, is to accelerate stem cell-based clinical therapies in regenerative medicine, with a goal of transitioning new disease treatments into sustainable patient care programs for the people of California.

Program Overview

The City of Hope Alpha Stem Cell Clinic is a novel program dedicated to the rapid research and development of stem cell-based therapies for cancer, HIV/AIDS, sickle cell disease and other illnesses.
Funded through a five-year, $8 million grant from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, the City of Hope Alpha Stem Cell Clinic is part of a statewide effort to develop a network of “Alpha Stem Cell Clinics” that can accelerate the development of  therapeutic agents that are derived from stem cells. This includes:
  • Identifying the most promising cellular therapies and accelerating their path toward human trials
  • Building and implementing an infrastructure to support launching and running multiple stem cell clinical trials
  • Coordinating patient care with protocol implementation in a way that ensures treatment safety and effectiveness during and after the studies
The City of Hope Alpha Stem Cell Clinic also collaborates with other Alpha Stem Cell Clinics and research partners to expedite stem cell studies by streamlining processes, integrating resources and sharing data. An example of this is City of Hope’s publication in Stem Cells Translational Medicine, which described how our Alpha Stem Cell Clinic has originally been embedded within our Day Hospital to accelerate stem cell trials by testing therapies in an authentic outpatient setting. A key component of this setting has been an innovative nursing concept created at City of Hope – “hybrid nurses,” who are versed in both clinical research and patient care.
With the opening of the Judy & Bernard Briskin Center for Clinical Research at City of Hope in November 2018, the Alpha Stem Cell Clinic was given the opportunity to increase its activities by aligning with this clinical research unit. The goal is to expand stem cell clinical trials into a unit that accommodates not only stem/cell infusions, but also associated standard-of-care infusions, and allows the Alpha Stem Cell Clinic to accelerate a larger volume of clinical trials.
The Briskin Center is a state-of-the-art facility that brings together clinical research services, treatments, and phlebotomy and pharmacy services, and this set-up offers convenience for principal investigatorss and their clinical teams, as well as for the research participants. The Alpha Stem Cell Clinic and Briskin Center alliance creates a great opportunity for the sustainability of the Alpha Stem Cell Clinic concept – a notable CIRM and City of Hope investment within our established institutional clinical research landscape.
For more information about this program, please call at 626-218-8330 or email