Veronica Jones, M.D.

As a breast surgical oncologist in the early phase of her career, Veronica Jones, M.D., is committed to conducting research on disparities in breast cancer treatment and outcomes. Prior to coming to City of Hope, her research focused on the multifaceted nature of disparities in breast cancer treatment and survivorship. She investigated factors that led to poorer reconstruction rates among underserved populations and implemented strategies to improve the utilization of immediate breast reconstruction. She also prospectively studied factors that led to upper quarter dysfunction in a predominantly African American breast cancer survivorship population and proposed solutions to mitigate this morbidity following treatment.
Her current research focus is to better understand the biology behind disparities in breast cancer outcomes. To this end, she am conducting multiple research projects investigating molecular pathways involved in breast cancer development and correlating these findings with breast imaging techniques. This multipronged approach is designed to provide early detection of aggressive biological characteristics so that treatments can be tailored to patients. She is particularly interested in understanding this correlation to better treat luminal B breast cancers in African American and Latina/ Hispanic American patients. Over 30 percent of the patients she serves in her clinic are of this ethnic background and many present with an aggressive type of luminal B breast cancer.
Active City of Hope protocols currently led by Veronica Jones, Ph.D.
Investigator-Initiated Protocols Description
18295 Predictors of Chemoresistance in Locally Advanced Luminal B Breast cancer
18423 Predictors of Recurrence in Luminal Breast Cancer
16317 A Spatial Heterodyne Spectrometer for in vivo Diagnosis of Cancer
18112 Use of 64Cu-DOTA-alendornate PET imaging for localization and characterization of breast calcifications
Industry-Sponsored Protocol  
12447 A Safety and Efficacy Study of Intra-Operative Radiation Therapy (IORT) Using the Xoft Axxent eBx System at the Time of Breast Conservation Surgery for Early Stage Breast Cancer