Kimlin Tam Ashing, Ph.D.

One of the research interests of Kimlin Tam Ashing, Ph.D., is to understand and address black/African American health disparities, particularly focusing on Caribbean immigrants who make up 50 percent of black immigrants in the United States. In partnership with Dr. Camille Ragin, founder of the African Caribbean Cancer Consortium, they have received NIH P20 and R01 funding for developing research infrastructure that fosters team science (including epidemiologist, biologists, clinicians and behavioral scientists) to address the growing cancer threat. They are also listening and responding to the needs of patients, caregivers, survivors and community members.
Ashing's studies are providing evidence on the benefit of culturally and clinically responsive strategies to increasing the participation of ethnic minority populations in research. Development and promulgation of such research approaches and methods help in creating a more representative sample of cancer patients and survivors in biomedical research.