Carcinoid Tumors of the Lung Research

Lung Carcinoid Clinical Trials

At City of Hope, we believe that patients deserve more, better options to control pulmonary carcinoid tumors. To advance the next generation of treatments — and offer hope to those with advanced disease — we provide care with clinical trials testing new therapies.
  • One type of medicine available through clinical trials is PRRT, or peptide receptor radionuclide therapy. This is a type of targeted radiotherapy that has shown promising results in European studies and recently earned Food and Drug Administration approval to fight other types of neuroendocrine tumors. In PRRT, an engineered molecule masquerading as somatostatin attaches to cancer cells, carrying with it a radioactive payload meant to selectively attack disease.
  • Another clinical trial underway in 2018 focuses on a type of immunotherapy — that is, a treatment built to harness the power of the body’s natural defenses. The phase 1 study tests a regimen using an engineered antibody. The drug is designed to bind with tumors and recruit the immune system to rally and destroy the harmful cells.